Heavy Jets (Large)

KLM Aviation has access to a network of jets in the Heavy category which are ideal for lengthy flights and can easily seat eight to twelve passengers. The heavy category offers generous cabin space, great range and impeccable performance. The average range is 4400 - 5500 nautical miles with average flight times of 9-11 hours.

The Heavy jet category includes several of the largest models among private jets. Heavy jets can comfortably accommodate up to 15 passengers and handles most distances non-stop. Considered the most luxurious private planes on the market, heavy jets command a top price, but provide a travel experience like no other.



Disclaimer: KLM Aviation, Inc. (KLM Aviation) Certificate Number LDQA488T is a FAA Certified CFR Part 135 Charter Operator. For flights not flown on a KLM Aviation, Inc. aircraft, KLM Aviation at that time will serve as an agent/broker for our customers in obtaining air charter services. Carriers are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation. Carriers are solely responsible for the air transportation arranged by KLM Aviation on behalf of our clients.