At KLM Aviation Inc., we know that seconds count and time is money, especially when it's our client's money. Your satisfaction always comes first. To extend our service offerings, KLM Aviation Inc. has built professional alliances within the aviation industry. Our value-added philosophy of aligning with strategic partners on an as-needed basis ensures optimal freedom with your budget. Our effective budgeting and efficient management practices ensure your smart-working business tool remains a strong corporate asset.

At KLM Aviation Inc., we go above and beyond the norm to maximize your aircraft ownership to generate income to offset the operating costs. We manage corporate aircraft at a more competitive and less expensive way than any other operator. We simply minimize the expansive overhead other companies typically carry and then pass along the savings to you. We also offer discounts on fuel, insurance, pilot training and hangar rent. When KLM Aviation Inc. manages your aircraft, your costs will be offset as an owner. You will actually save money by partnering with KLM Aviation Inc. simply based on the way we manage aircraft.



Disclaimer: KLM Aviation, Inc. (KLM Aviation) Certificate Number LDQA488T is a FAA Certified CFR Part 135 Charter Operator. For flights not flown on a KLM Aviation, Inc. aircraft, KLM Aviation at that time will serve as an agent/broker for our customers in obtaining air charter services. Carriers are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation. Carriers are solely responsible for the air transportation arranged by KLM Aviation on behalf of our clients.